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I join a project with 0% commission, 100% direct, 100% solidarity

O% commission

No more commissions! By eliminating the commissions charged by other online agencies, Booking-Better enables a win-win relationship between customers and accommodation providers.

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100% Direct

Booking DIRECT guarantees clients a cheaper or equivalent rate but with additional services offered, the same booking conditions and above all direct contact with the accommodation provider.

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100% Solidarity

Booking-Better is a collaborative and solidarity-based project. In fact, 1% of the subscriptions received are donated to a charity working in the hotel and restaurant sector.

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Our concept

For a better rate guaranteed without commissions!

"Booking Better is the French alternative to online booking agencies.

It is a platform for directly connecting the customer with the accommodation professional (hotels, vacation residences, vacation villages, campsites, guest houses, gites and hotel chaînes).

The consumer customer is guaranteed to get the best rate(important for his purchasing power) and can benefit from additional advantages such as a small lunch, an upgrade, a personalized welcome and others at the goodwill of the professional who welcomes him.

From its side, the hotelier does not pay commission (whose rates vary 5 à 30% depending on the online agencies), therefore increases its margin but especially takes back the control on its réservations.

Our economic model, in total break with the existing models, is based on a fair monthly subscription : from 9.90 à 119.90 € HT/month (to learn more, consult our rates).

We are also committed in a solidary way since we donate a percentage of our turnover to identified charities in the hôtellerie community such as Sapocycle, les Hôtels Solidaires, Safton and maybe others in the medium term.

With, we put digital at the service of human and propose an innovative, virtuous and above all community-based platform, founded by a hôtelier for professional hotel colleagues. 

Finally, booking LIVE without an intermediary offers an INDISCUTABLE ADVANTAGE, that of a privileged contact with the hotelier who will always make sure to respond to your requests and questions as accurately as possible.

You will have understood:  We ALL WIN À R&E;SERVER LIVE!!

That's the whole point of letting you know about Booking Better. "

Jean-François MAES

Hôtelier and CEO of Booking Better

Our connected partners

The team

Jean-François Maes

President & CEO

Jérôme Schmitt

Director of Development

Patricia Heitz

Marketing & Communication Manager

Elisa Frecher

Marketing & Communication Manager

Carine Baubriau

Sales Manager

Elisa Leblond

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