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A word from the founder

A collaborative, solidarity-based project guaranteed to be commission-free

For a guaranteed better rate, STOP intermediaries!

Dear colleagues,

Dear customers,

Passionate about my job as a hotelier, I came up with Booking Better for my collaborators in the hospitality industry;pendants or affiliates à voluntary chains but also to encourage and explain to customers all the issues and benefits of a reservation in DIRECT.

Booking-Better is a collaborative, supportive and innovative booking platform to finally offer a French alternative to online agencies and all other intermediaries.

Like many martial arts, Booking Better proposes to unite (without intermediaries or commissions) on a single site to use the strength, notoriety;té, the energy of the online agencies to turn them against them and thus to de-stabilize them and to take back the control of our réservations.

It is not a question of confronting, of crushing the online agencies but of establishing A FAIR BALANCE and to be part of a duality vis a vis them. This fair balance will benefit the host and consequently the customer.

For information or reminder the online agencies  take 5 à 30% commission on the rooms served in a hotel but also on the options and additional services you have selected (breakfast, extra bed, . Not to mention that these companies, in majority based abroad, practice very aggressive commercial strategies, very often deceitful and above all don't generally pay their taxes in France.

For all that, a hotelier should certainly not give it up. On the contrary, adhering to them is rather judicious! In general, membership is free of charge and without any time commitment. Simply, it will be a matter of managing intelligently and pragmatically the rates displayed according to the commissions.

They are not only free but also free of charge.

In parallel, it will be imperative for the host to offer customers who serve DIRECT a lower rate or even equivalent, but above all to offer them benefits in addition. This is the challenge of this new platform!

Booking Better has developed BOBE, an innovative and inventive EXTENSION offers a collaborative tool to hôteliers and proof to customers in image and numbers that booking LIVE offers advantages and not just in rate.

FARE and the BENEFITS offered for a DIRECT reservation!

Finally, booking LIVE without an intermediary offers an INDISCUTABLE BENEFIT, that of a privileged contact with the host who will always make sure to answer your requests and questions as accurately as possible.

You will have understood it:  We ALL WIN À RÉSERVER LIVE!"

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