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France had a great 2022 summer tourist season!


Despite an unfavorable economic context and a difficult climatic situation, France has seen an upturn in tourist activity this summer! The summer season was mainly driven by the Fr...

Yes to new technologies if they are at the service of people!


A small overview of the latest technologies in vogue...

We are mentioned in the media


You will find in this article the different press articles, interviews, ... about Booking Better. Have a good reading!

Towards a more sustainable tourism ...


The covid 19 crisis and the latest work of the IPCC have led to a collective environmental awareness.
Today, there are several forms of alternative tourism to mass tourism that Bo...

Booking Better and balladins, common values at the service of hoteliers


The balladins hotel group joined Booking Better at the beginning of 2022. We wanted to know more about this network, its prospects and our common challenges through the interview o... uses cookies or similar technologies. They allow us to provide you with services and offers that are tailored to your interests, to ensure a better user experience and to collect statistics on visits.