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Yes to new technologies if they are at the service of people!

A small overview of the latest technologies in vogue...

Yes to new technologies if they are at the service of people!

In the years leading up to the pandemic, the most prestigious hotel chains have reviewed their strategies and invested heavily in technologies in order to offer a better customer experience.

In addition, in a context where mobile has taken an important place in our daily lives, mobile friendly sites have emerged with, for example, chatbots present to dialogue and respond quickly to questions from Internet users.

To meet the particular expectations of business customers, we have also seen the emergence of online check-in and check-out offering a quick service at any time of day or night.

Another new development is the use of digital keys, which are very common in the hospitality industry, and have also gained momentum as they offer more autonomy to customers.We have seen the introduction of connected locks to the cloud instead of a key card or even a connected lock card;a card associated with an app such as the one that the chain hôtelière Hilton has developed for example.

In the more luxurious accommodations in particular, the arrival of thehome automation has reçed a nice welcome because it’s a technology that can be used to manage and control the home;is a management technique automated appliedée à the home that allows the customer to customize his room so that it fully corresponds à his desires.

Finally, robotics has recently appeared in the hospitality industry.In Nagasaki, Japan, the Henn-na Hotel became the world's first hotel with robotic staff.Robots are present at the reception desk and as information points for customers.Interaction is done through biomarker recognition and simple dialogue.

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