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Working while traveling, a growing trend!

For a few years now, the traditional metro-busy-sleep pattern has been gradually deconstructed. It is clear that the trend of combining work and travel is developing more and more, especially among the self-employed!

Working while traveling, a growing trend!

With the development of work, combining work and travel seems to be becoming an increasingly common practice.
This is also linked to the strong growth of freelancing !

More and more French people are making the choice to break out of the traditional schéma métro-work-sleep to launch themselves as freelance workers. That is, to be an independent workerwho engages in an activity that is tied to an entity or business by a contract. This gives them the freedom to choose where they work and to have greater autonomy!

Others, still salaried, are also surfing the “bleisure” trend, i.e., sédays where work and leisure are blended.

In fact, according to an OpinionWay survey, more than one out of two French people (58%) on a business trip have extended their trip by one or more days in order to enjoy it personally. According to this same survey, “a large majority of respondents very often take advantage of a professional placement to cover culinary specialties;(93%), visit tourist sites (89%) or do local activities (87%).

Finally, since the pandémy of Covid-19, the name phéne widened with the birth of the “tracances”, born from the contraction of the words work and vacation. This opened up the possibilities of working away from home to enjoy non-working time as well as the break from work in the best way possible. 

This new way of working and approaching vacations obviously implies a new organization for the tourism sector, which must adapt to the demands of this new customer.

According to a survey by Opinion way, when choosing a hotel, location, price and comfort remain the three most important criteria for the majority of customers, with an increased focus on hygiene measures. The study also found that customer reviews (45%), leisure facilities such as swimming pool, spa or fitness room (23%) and hotel design (22%) are also criteria considered by business travelers under the age of 35. And, logically, customers also pay attention to a good wifi connection in order to work in the best possible conditions!

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