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Towards a more sustainable tourism ...

The covid 19 crisis and the latest work of the IPCC have led to a collective environmental awareness. Today, there are several forms of alternative tourism to mass tourism that Booking Better wishes to promote.

Towards a more sustainable tourism ...

Mass tourism emerged in the 1960s due to, among other things, the generalization of paid leave, the growth of purchasing power, ...

Or, this way of traveling leads to an overconsumption of natural resources and an excess of waste, especially since 95% of tourists are concentrated in 5% of the spaces in the world, over the same periods of the year.

It imposes the construction of large infrastructures (roads, hotels…) which also favors the rural exodus, and the abandonment by local populations of entire regions for the benefit of tourist centers.

And it seems that this tourism-là is less and less in phase with the expectations of the customers and especially with a part of them who, conscious of the environmental problems, wishes to return à a more « sustainable » tourism.

In fact, if in 2019, that is, a not so distant past, more than 20% of travelers did not minimize their environmental, social and economic impacts when traveling, they are now more than 69% who feel concerned about this issue.

This way of traveling has also increased as a result of the health and economic crisis of Covid-19. At that time, a collective environmental awareness took place.

This « new » tourism takes full account of economic, social and environmental impacts (World Tourism Organization - WTO). People who wish to travel in a sustainable way, are thus keen to discover sometimes lesser known destinations, but also to avoid travel during the high season and attractions too frequented by tourists.

The major idea of sustainable tourism is to change the way we consume:

  • by privileging, in a more general way, the purchase and consumption of local and environmentally friendly products,
  • by visiting places that are not environmentally friendly
  • by visiting less frenetic places,
  • and especially by choosing an accommodation with a sustainable market or even with a certification such as the EcoLabel or the label La Clef Verte.



You can find the accommodations that have initiated a co-responsible walk by selecting "co-responsible establishment" in the list of services and that are visible thanks to the pictogram designed and created specifically by Booking Better! 

To see the list, it's here.

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