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Towards a more responsible tourism...

As travelers or tourism professionals, we all have a role to play in the preservation of our planet. In tourism, as in other sectors, more and more associations are being created to try to limit the impact of human activity on the Earth.

Towards a more responsible tourism...

The associations Sapocycle, Hôtels Solidaires and Unisoap, which Booking Better supports, are examples! They are committed every day to give a second life to the waste produced in the hotel industry; Supported associations

Sapocycle collects discarded soaps from hospitals and turns them into life-saving products. The soaps are recycled by people with disabilities and then redistributed free of charge to improve the sanitary conditions of families in need, in France or around the world.

As for the Hôtels Solidaires, they help fight against food waste and help, too, the most needy. They collect uneaten pastries as well as hygiene and bedding products to redistribute them to people in need of assistance.

Finally, Unisoap also collects used soaps from hotels, but also from companies and individuals, in order to recycle them and redistribute them to charities around the world. The association provides access to hygiene for disadvantaged populations and helps fight the spread of disease.

From the launch of Booking Better, a collaboration with solidarity associations had been desired and put in place. Why? Because it fit perfectly with the values and the economic model we wanted to implement.

We therefore donate 1% of our sales to these associations. By choosing to stay in one of Booking Better's partner hotels, you are contributing to this collective effort to limit our environmental impact and participate in a more responsible and supportive economy!

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