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Our 10 tips for a successful motorcycle road trip!

"I don't recognize anyone in..." come on, we'll let you finish the sentence in song. You've probably heard it before... Motorcycling is just great! Well, for those who love motorcycles, of course. And that's the case of our CEO, Jean-François Maes, who today shares with you his 10 practical tips for a successful motorcycle vacation.

Our 10 tips for a successful motorcycle road trip!

Jean-François Maes:
“I love motorcycling and what's cool is sharing this passion with others over a period of a dayée, on weekends, during one's vacations...

And why not go off alone, as a couple or several people on a road trip? Some people see themselves heading off to the States in sandals, hair blowing in the wind on the legendary Route 66. But don't worry, our beautiful France has everything you need to take your first turns on the wheel. This great adventure, which is not only a great way to discover new places, will give you unforgettable moments. 

But before you set off, here are my 10 tips for preparing and enjoying your motorcycle trip. Have a good trip!

1. Plan your itinerary

The first step is to plan your itinerary carefully. This will enable you to determine the distance you want to cover each day, the places you want to visit and the accommodation you want to sleep in. You can use an online route planner or simply draw your route on a map.

2. Réservez vos hébergements

It's also very important to reserve your accommodations in advance, especially if you're traveling during peak season. This will prevent you from having to sleep in your tent or having to make do with last-minute accommodation.

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3. Organize your luggage

When traveling by motorcycle, you should pack the bare minimum, as extra weight can affect the maneuverability of your vehicle. Don't forget to pack suitable clothing for all weather conditions, safety accessories, a first-aid kit and a road map. And yes, even if it's very practical, a GPS, a telephone and so on sometimes break down!

4. Take regular breaks

Throughout the day, don't forget to rest and pull yourself together, especially if you're making long journeys. Take the opportunity to visit villages or tourist sites along the way.

5. Be careful on the road

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, so it's vital to be careful and obey the rules of the road. Always wear a helmet, gloves and protective clothing, even in hot weather or if you're an expert biker. 

6. Choose the right bike

There are different models of motorcycle, different power ratings, so if you're looking for a bike that's easy to ride and comfortable, especially if this is your first motorcycle trip.

7. Make sure your motorcycle is in good condition

Before you leave, give your motorcycle a thorough check-up to make sure it's in good working order.

8. Prévenez vos proches de votre voyage

Give them your itinerary and cell phone number. You can also opt for applications that will enable them to keep track of you in real time and to summon help in the event of a problem.

9. Carry a first-aid kit

The first-aid kit is part of the basic equipment you shouldn't forget! It will enable you to treat minor injuries in the event of an accident.

10. Be prepared for bad weather

Take rain jackets and waterproof boots with you, in case the weather turns fickle.

That's it, you're ready to go, check out the list of “moto friendly” establishments to plan your next trip. And happy riding!

You'd love to, but don't know where to go?

I bring you the itinerary of a road trip in the Alps created by the ALPINOS TEAM made up of four Portuguese friends, all BMW fans. Thank you to Victor, Thomas, Manu and Luis, who travel the great Alpine road (hence the name Alpinos), for sharing your itinerary with us!

This is a few-day itinerary covering over 2200 km.


Starting from Strasbourg, they joined Thonon-les-bains which fût their zéro point! Then they headed for Menton. To go back up they returned via Sisteron, Grenoble, Besançon and finally à Strasbourg at the point of départ. uses cookies or similar technologies. They allow us to provide you with services and offers that are tailored to your interests, to ensure a better user experience and to collect statistics on visits.